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smallstart_The ultimate sleep trackers comparison Withings Sleep Tracking Mat,Apples Apple watch, and Xiaomis Mi Band

The ultimate sleep trackers comparison: Withings’ Sleep Tracking Mat, Apple’s Apple watch, and Xiaomi’s Mi Band

I love using digital gadgets. Using digital gadgets are investments to me, to make my time more efficient and live a healthier life.

On this post, I would like to introduce the Pro-cons of the sleep trackers, Withings’ Sleep Tracking Mat, Apple’s Apple watch 4, and Xiaomi’s Mi Band 2. I know that Apple’s Apple Watch 4 and Xiaomi’s Mi Band 2 is not the state of the art device as of Jan 14th, 2020, but I hope this post helps you have a brief understandings on its characteristics. I have used them all, and I will be as honest as I can, to provide the information.

I believe that to work and live life healthy in a positive attitude, sleep is crucial, and it is important to understand your sleep efficiency and sleep patterns. These gadgets do a fantastic job on tracking your sleep patterns. However, each has a characteristics, and I guess the readers should know its pro-cons.

Let’s cut to the chase.

(a)The Price(the cheaper, the higher rank)

  • 1st: Xiaomi’s Mi Band(30 USD)
  • 2nd:Withings’ Sleep Tracking Mat(150 USD)
  • 3rd: Apple Watch 4 (400 USD)

Needless to say, Apple Watch 4 is the most expensive. Withings’ Sleep Tracking mat goes 2nd, and Xiaomi’s Mi Band is the winner here. Although I think Apple Watch has many features, if you are just interested in tracking your sleep, and just want to try, I think Xiaomi’s Mi Band is pretty much a good option.(Though I think you will want to try Withings by the next reason.)

(b)Battery lifetime(the longer, the higher rank)

  • 1st: Withings’ Sleep Tracking Mat(inifinite)
  • 2nd: Xiaomi’s Mi Band(2 weeks)
  • 3rd: Apple Watch 4(1 day)

Withings’ Sleep Tracking Mat has a power cord. Superb feature. Unlimited power, as long as the gadget goes broken, nor you ran out of electricity. Xiaomi’s Mi Band does a pretty good job, for it goes on for like 2 weeks, without recharging it. As for the Apple Watch, you must recharge it every day, or it will go to low battery mode at the end of the day.

(c)Lightness on your wrist ranking(the lighter the better)

  • 1st: Withings’ Sleep Tracking Mat (0 !)
  • 2nd: Xiaomi’s Mi Band(22grams)
  • 3rd: Apple Watch 4(125 grams)

Since you don’t have to attach anything on yourself while sleeping, Withings is the lightest of all. It is nice because you don’t feel itchy on your wrist(though I guess you can choose the materials of your wrist band).

So which should you pick?

As for the sleep tracking purpose, I rely on Withings, and as for the daily usage of apps on my iPhone, I prefer Apple Watch. However, If you have a smartphone and don’t own any of the gadgets, I guess Xiaomi’s Mi Band is pretty much good option to start. It is really cheap and is good for an entry.